Sunday, January 10, 2010

Reality Is...

what you make it.  It's different things to different people... even those  involved in the same situation.  Reality is perception or lack of it.  Reality bites sometimes.  Life sucks and life is good... it's really just what you make it.

Right now my life isn't roses and sunshine... that's the simple truth.  I struggle daily with overcoming the "roles" I've played for the past eleven years.  I agonize over little decisions and big decisions.  I laugh,  I cry and I sing all in the same minute.  Most days I feel okay and I know that whatever happens I will be okay.  Some days I just freak out.

I've pulled myself up outta the gutter of depression so many times by putting on a happy face and pretending the sorrow doesn't exist... but guess what it does.  I've learned that if you ignore it the pain will come back to bite you in the ass ten times harder than if you just dealt with it in the first place... so I am dealing with it.

This place... My Daily Domestic Diary... well it's just that... it's now my diary of the good, the bad and the ugly of life. 

So this is it... the real me... happy, sad, mad, crying, laughing, singing, sighing and hard to shut up... welcome.

Oh and yeah, I still scrap... layouts will still be posted here... they just might be a little different...