Wednesday, February 27, 2008

CHA Day 2

I feel wordy in a bullet point sort of way today so here it goes....

CHA Day 2
-I awoke before the other snoozing occupants of my room and claimed the first shower only to find that my shampoo had leaked all over all of my other hair care products, all had to be rinsed before I could proceed with my morning routine. I did have the presence of mind to pack them in a ziploc before traveling so at least I didn't have to clean out the suitcase too.
-Everyone else wakes up and Janna proceeds to do her hair in my TH mirror, wow, two scrapping celebrities in one mirror, how cool! I will be bronzing it now:)
-We meet up with girls for breakfast.
-We discover the horrors of the hotel's continental breakfast.
-Several of us make a beeline for the Hilton and the sanctuary of Starbucks. Have you ever noticed that Starbucks always feels like home, this is probably because here in CO we have one on every corner and in every market.
-Ahhh, the sweet sensation of sipping my Triple Venti, non-fat, no-whip, mocha on ice... I liken it to the relaxation a baby feels when having a bottle... or when Dorothy clicked her heels and said "There is no place like home...".
-Note to self: Do not change from a hot mocha to an iced mocha when dealing with a grouchy barista, even if they haven't called out your drink nor have you paid for it.
Either this guy was a serious enviromenalist and couldn't handle the tossing of the cup he had written on or he was just having a really bad day, either way I pissed him off royally.
-Head over to Door A to meet Heather, who is stretching in preparation for her dash to the Basic Grey booth where she will secure our place for shipment. Go Heather!
-At this point we all begin to receive frantic and puzzling text messages from MK, I leave, good lackey that I am, to meet her at Door C, this is long walk folks, but I did it in record time due to the beautiful chocolate fuel I was using. (Later we will discover that the girls received an alarming text reading "Tell Houston to meet me at prison", what had happened during that continental nightmare, was there a coup?, where was the closest prison? Did they have a temporary one at the convention center? Upon later rereading they discovered it said "Prism":)
-MK and I head into the show, wow, is all I can think how amazingly overwhelming, for the first minute, then all I can think is "I am a kid in a candy store, a highly caffeinated child, woo hooo!"
-My first booth Prism with MK then I go over to do the Stampendous MnT, MK meets me there and I tell her we have to find Rach to say 'Hi' she points out that Rachel's booth is right behind me and offers to take over for me so I can go say 'Hello'. I love that about MK she and I are such a great team, even for MnTs.
-I see Rach, it's so good to see a familiar face in this crazy place, she is making the cutest darn Starbucks Cozies. She is so talented, I don't even know if she knows how darn cool she is, but she is rock star, all of the MnTs she designed for the ThermOweb booth rocked, way better than any others I saw! We are so lucky to have such talent at our store and I just know she is going to be big, oh and did I mention that I was darn glad to see her smiling face!
-MK heads over to the booth, hugs Rach and then gets down to the business of ordering, she catches a mistake in their pricing and scores herself a deal! I meet her with the vendor and am able to squeeze in my Mimi order! I am now the proud owner of some amazing totes, including one on wheels, I have wanted a tote on wheels for so long, I am thrilled, totally floating on a caffeine and adrenaline rush! I LOVE CHA.
-I see people in SLICE shirts, where are they getting these? I know what the SLICE is I saw it on a sneak peek, it's a die cutting machine (I LOVE DIE CUTTING MACHINES) I want a shirt, not that it's my color, but there must be a reason they are all wearing these shirts. MK wants to move on.

Getting to wordy and now I am all worked up, gotta run, more tomorrow!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thank You

Thank you to all of our friends and family for your beautiful comments on our sweet girl. Above is another of my favorite pics of Belle. I will post later today about some of our California and Keystone adventures. Thank you again for your kindness.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Our Beautiful Bella Rosa

An air of sadness hangs over our house as we mourn the loss of our beautiful girl. I will be posting more about last weeks adventures over the next few days, but for now we are just missing our beautiful Belle. She was such a sweet spirit and always so good. Belle's favorite foods included tator tots and scrambled eggs, but you had to cut them up for her, she was a lady! She loved being outside in our yard, she spent many happy hours sunning herself and digging in the sandbox. Belle always enjoyed watching "Dog TV" in the summer months, this is what our family calls the glass storm door! Belle and Edgar spent a wonderful summer and fall together and we know that he is missing his big sister. Thank you to all of our friends and family for your sincere condolences. We are glad to know that Belle had a wonderful life and that she didn't suffer in the end. Thank you also to the amazing staff at the Argus Institute for being so kind to our girl in her last hours.