Saturday, March 13, 2010

A New Chapter

I'm starting a new chapter in my life. 
One that I am writing from the heart. 

I've spent a long time doing what was expected of me and shoving down my true feelings so that I wouldn't hurt anyone else. 
I've played roles and been "Martha".
I've been a perfectionist and an overachiever.
I've thought that I could change both me and the people around me. 

I've learned that I'm lovable and wonderful just the way I am. 
I've learned that people can love me regardless of my imperfections or maybe even because of them. 
I've learned that it's okay to tell the truth about how I feel and who I am.
I've learned that other people are responsible for their own feelings and lives, not me. 
I'm learning how to let go of being co-dependent.

So here it is... Aaron and I are getting divorced.  We don't hate eachother and we don't wish ill for the other.  We are going to remain friends and continue to parent Coleman together.  It's okay, just so you know, I'm okay and I'm going to be okay.  Life changes and for once I plan to just roll along with it and enjoy this new part of my life. 

Love you all,