Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blah, blah, blah

Well, yesterday I blogged about my new computer and all the love I was feeling for it.... today I have yet another new computer and I am trying not to get attached just in case this one shows me the blue screen of death. I'm just not sure I can handle three deaths in just five short days. I console myself with the fact that Windows was the grim reaper for both computers, but still I feel responsible in some way, maybe I shall wear black today.

Anyway, here I sit with computer number three. I refuse to name it. I refuse to transfer photos onto it. I refuse to become too friendly with it. ( Insert childish foot stomping here) I must remind myself that it is just a computer and that my "friends who live in the box" are real people too and if I was desperate I could just pick up the phone and call most of them, although I have to be careful about that, there was a three hour phone call to England once ;)

What I am trying to say is that I shall have to give this computer a good run through before we become BFFs. How long do you think that should be? I am a very emotional/relational type and I hate to offend... maybe seven days will be long enough? Or maybe I shall have my more techy friend Christyn over for dinner to take a good long look at this computer. In any case I must keep reminding myself that I cannot become too friendly with this shiny new black box of knowledge.

I know, I know, you are all sick of my computer woes, what you really come here for are the witty PSAs I post sometimes, so without further ado I shall leave you with three PSAs for November...

Please remember to throw away the one year old turkey in your freezer on trash day, not before, because it will thaw and all your neighbors will wonder what is causing that horrid road kill smell to emanate from your garage. There will be overt speculation that you are a serial killer and that's just not good for neighborly relations. *

*You know what I'm talking about, that extra turkey that you bought last year because it was a good price and you were certain that you would roast it that winter but you never actually got around to it.

CAUTION... IF THERE IS ICE ON THE ROAD... DO NOT SLAM ON YOUR BRAKES! Seriously, this is just pointless, dangerous, stupid, idiotic, and a whole slew of other things that point to the fact you should not be driving in the snow. If this is you, consider that now may be the time to move to a nice condo in Boca.

Last but not least... Don't eat yellow snow.

Huge thanks to anyone who made it to the bottom of this post, I'm in a mood (can you tell?) and I appreciate you humoring me.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

It's almost Thanksgiving and my sweet friend Marti has been talking about gratitude lately and I decided it would be a good day to remember ten things I'm grateful for, so in no particular order here they are...

- I'm grateful for my sweet kiddo who is freely handing out random hugs lately, he's the best!
- I'm grateful for the people in my life who can make me laugh when I am crying. These are the kind of friends who know you so well that with just one sentence they can make you smile.
- I'm so thankful that I had a chance to drive up the Poudre Canyon with my camera this weekend, it was beautiful day spent in one of the most amazing places, all by myself; a little solitude is never a bad thing.
- I'm grateful for my clean white bathtub, it sounds so silly but I just love that colorless thing!
- I'm grateful for food on the table, a roof over my head, and a cozy bed to sleep in at night.
- I'm thankful for another beautiful Colorado day dawning outside my window, bringing with it the chance for me to go walk the canal, what a blessing to live in a state that makes building nature trails a priority. So different from Florida, but I won't go there.
- I'm thankful that Glee will be returning to TV this week!
- I'm grateful for friends who listen to your problems, laugh when you laugh, cry when you cry, and who know that you would do the very same for them.
- I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to create everyday, it keeps me sane.
- I'm thankful for all those serving our country and the families who support them, thank you for the sacrifices you make to preserve our freedom.
- Oh and last but not least, I'm grateful for baseball caps that I can throw on when I've been ditzing around on the computer instead of drying my hair ;)
Don't forget to leave your holiday wishes on the previous post for a chance at a Starbucks Gift Card!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happiness In A Cup and A Chance To Win

Nothing says "Happy Holidays" to me quite like the return of the red cups at Starbucks! I wait anxiously for the day that they will arrive and bring with them my dearest loves... Egg Nog Lattes and Peppermint Mochas! Most of you know that I drink Peppermint Mochas all year long, they always have the peppermint syrup, but the red cups make it that much better! I don't mind if I have to put in a few more minutes on the treadmill or not eat an extra piece of pumpkin pie, nope, those are the sacrifices I am willing to make for my precious red cup of holiday cheer.

This year the cups are emblazoned with the words...

We invite you to listen to your desires

and to renew your hope.

To see the world not as it is,

but as it could be.

Go ahead, wish.

It's what makes the holidays the holidays.

I know we all have holiday wishes, what are some of yours? Leave me a comment between now and Wednesday evening and I will randomly choose one of you to receive a Starbucks Gift Card!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

An Organized Christmas...

This Christmas I decided that I should get a little more organized. I'm hoping it will cut down on last minute baking, shopping, and general freaking out! The new QuicKutz Peppermint Album was just the right size for creating this Christmas Planner and the pocket pages will be a great place to store recipes and receipts!

Dies Used: Santa's Workshop Gift Set, Christmas Tree,
Curls Goosebumps, and Peppermint Accessory Pages

*Hi Disney Mummy, they say, To Do, To Buy, To Bake, To Give*

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Someone On The Nice List Lives Here!

I am totally digging the accesory dies that you can buy for the QuicKutz Holiday Gift Set this year. Today's sample features a few of the great shapes found in the Heritage Die Set, it's perfect for making a family album, included are cameo style silhouettes, a lineage map, family tree, banners, an old fashion key, photo corners and vintage photo nesting shapes!

Dies Featured Here: Santa's Workshop Gift Set, Heritage Die Set, Jolly Gift Set 2008

This doorhanger is similar to one I made last year that was deemed a little too girly for my son to hang on his door, so in the spirit of being clean, simple, and boyish I only used a few embellishments on this one. The QuicKutz Metal was perfect for the key!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!
I'll be back tomorrow with another idea for these fun new dies!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Santa's Workshop!

Today QuicKutz released the 2009 Christmas Gift Set Santa's Workshop! This release is AMAZING! The packaged gift set includes all the dies you need to make adorable mini albums and a fantastic alphabet, that can be used over and over on your cards and layouts throughout the year! The fabulous people at QuicKutz also released twenty other accessory dies to compliment the set and help you to design even more albums to share with your family and friends!

I fell in love with the Wintergreen album, the new Recipe Die Set, and the super cute Wintergreen Spine Set that helps you give the album so many different looks!

These cute little books containing five of our favorite recipes. I plan to put them in the Christmas stockings of our more culinary challenged relatives ;) Wouldn't recipe books like this make great party favors for a holiday cookie exchange?!

You can pick up this awesome gift set at your local QuicKutz retailer or QuicKutz.com!

Check back tomorrow for more samples!