Monday, November 9, 2009

Happiness In A Cup and A Chance To Win

Nothing says "Happy Holidays" to me quite like the return of the red cups at Starbucks! I wait anxiously for the day that they will arrive and bring with them my dearest loves... Egg Nog Lattes and Peppermint Mochas! Most of you know that I drink Peppermint Mochas all year long, they always have the peppermint syrup, but the red cups make it that much better! I don't mind if I have to put in a few more minutes on the treadmill or not eat an extra piece of pumpkin pie, nope, those are the sacrifices I am willing to make for my precious red cup of holiday cheer.

This year the cups are emblazoned with the words...

We invite you to listen to your desires

and to renew your hope.

To see the world not as it is,

but as it could be.

Go ahead, wish.

It's what makes the holidays the holidays.

I know we all have holiday wishes, what are some of yours? Leave me a comment between now and Wednesday evening and I will randomly choose one of you to receive a Starbucks Gift Card!