Monday, May 4, 2009

Thickers Anyone?

So I love the foam Thickers by American Crafts, but I am always running out of letters that I use frequently or I don't have the color that I want... my solution... make my own!

Yep, that's right folks, you can make your very own Thickers all you need are 3 simple supplies most scrappers have then follow the easy three step instructions and you have custom thickers!

Supplies Needed:
Die Cut System, I use QuicKutz
Acid Free Foam Sheets, I buy these at Hobby Lobby
Adhesive, both Pioneer Glue Stick or Kokuyo Dot N' Roller work well

Instructional Steps:
Step 1: Unfoam your QuicKutz for the best cut.
Step 2: Cut the letters you need
Step 3: Adhere the letters to your layout

It's super easy and you can achieve a custom look that's all your own!

Sorry if I sound a little like Billy Mays, I keep seeing ads for his new show while watching Deadliest Catch and I think his pitch lines are getting stuck in my head ;)