Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Relishing Routine (Updated)

It's our last week of summer break. 

I'm sad and excited; sad because it means that I won't get to hang out with the kiddo all day and excited because he is excited to learn new things and go back to school.  I'm excited to go back to school this fall too but mostly because I'm only taking one... REALLY hard..... class.

We have our traditional list of things we try to do this last week, sort of our last summer hurrah...

  1. Buy school supplies.

  2. Buy new shoes... for C and me.

  3. See one last movie. Cats and Dogs in 3D... it was super cute!

  4. Go out for ice cream cones.

  5. Try to catch one last community event... thinking a concert at Streets of Southglenn.

  6. Haircuts.

  7. Lunch in downtown with Aaron. Pasquini's in the Highlands (the photo above) YUMMY!

  8. Sleepover at Grandma's (we did this last week but might sneak back up this week)

  9. At least one night camping out under the stars. Headed out in 10 min!

  10. Soaking up the last rays of summer at the pool. I'll miss this.

We also have our "To Do" list of things that aren't so fun to do but help us get ready for the new school year...
  1. Going to bed by 8pm (for C)

  2. Getting out of bed by 6:30am (C has no problem with this)

  3. Labeling all the new school supplies and getting his bag packed for the first day.

  4. Laundry.... laundry.... and more laundry.

  5. Getting healthy dinners cooked and on the table by 6:30pm so there is enough time for hanging out afterwards.

  6. Shower and PJs after dinner... no more going back to the pool.

  7. Loading the fridge and pantry with breakfast and lunch packing essentials... no more relying on the snack bar for emergency rations. (Yes, we really do live at the pool in the summer.)

  8. Cutting out TV and computer games in the mornings.

  9. Adding back in good-read-aloud-books before bed... going with The Chronicles of Narnia this fall.

  10. For me it means cleaning up my desk and making new files on my computer for my fall class, clean space = clean mind... maybe.

The funny thing is that I LOVE getting back into the routine of the school year... I'm crazy like that... I love schedules and routines... I like knowing what's going to happen next. I know this isn't shocking to most of you, but for me there is a certain comfort in knowing what is going to be around the next corner or over the next hill.  I thrive on being able to excel in a contained environment.  That's been the hardest part of this last year... I had no routine, no clear idea of what my routine should be, and no set schedule... the times I was happiest were when I did have these things or at least a vague outline of them. 

The confinement of routine is comforting to me.

I've learned something new about myself... or maybe just remembered something old and ingrained... either way I'm happy knowing another things that makes me... well... happy.

So how do you get ready for the new school year? 
Do you have any great ideas to add to our last week list?

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