Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Okay Vivian tagged me and all the other people I would tag! I guess this means I just get to share, 7 random things about me....


1. I am a "nester"... this means that I can't live with a room for more than 2 years without changing it.

2. I am notorious for leaving Nalgene bottles or travel mugs in my car too long, I should buy these things in bulk.

3. I cannot make good coffee or smoothies.

4. The majority of my pajamas have Dachshunds on them:) I LOVE DACHSHUNDS!

5. I have panic attacks in Super Target or Super Walmart, I just can't take it all in, don't know why, but after a half an hour I freak out, even if I have a list.

6. Edgar sleeps under the covers :)

7. My whole family calls me Huse and all my friends call me House.

8. I have a huge late fee at the library, I just can't seem to get the books back in time.

9. I am a creature of habit, I always order the same thing, and if I find something that I like to wear I buy it in every color.

10. I walk around TJ Maxx for relaxation.