Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Wow, I was so excited to read what inspires you ladies. I have to say that I am inspired by product, I get so giddy over the new stuff that comes in. It's probably good that MK developed the two week rule, because I have way more stuff than I will ever use and I am beginning to fear that my scraproom will get so stuffed that it will fall into the basement:) Seriously I have had nightmares about this!

So what else inspires me, I really got to thinking about this and ala Chrisytn I thought I would come up with a list, of 10, not seven because we all know I can't stop there! Please know these are in random order, that is how my brain works.

1. Moments with Coley, quiet or loud, happy or sad.

2. Nature, I love to hear the sounds of birds early in the morning, it reminds me that each day is new and fresh, sure the same old problems are still there but how I approach them can be different.

3. Friends, I am blessed to have amazing friends, they teach me new things about myself everyday. I love to read their blogs or chat with them on the phone, even in dark moments they are still light into the world.

4. Laughter, it comes in so many different forms, but sincere laughter is pure and inspirational.

5. Reading, I love to read and I find so much to think about between the covers of a book or magazine. Sometimes I take action on the topic and sometimes I don't but either way I am inspired to think.

6. The Grocery Store, I love to cook and the endless array of ingredients at the grocery just sets my mouth to watering.

7. Classical Music, I know it sounds corny but I love that it's sort of a soundtrack to life, I leave it on quite often at home and in the car.

8. Color, there are so many amazing colors out there and each one has mood or feeling to it.

9. Smell, I love the different scents of life, most of my memories include not only the people but the smells of the time. I can walk down a street and certain odors bring things to mind.

10. Art, I love all sorts of art work and mediums. I love to play and get dirty in paint. I love to wander the museums. I love historic art that depicts a certain time period.