Monday, March 3, 2008

CHA Highlights

Due to the fact that I have been wordy or wordless the last few days, I think that I will recap CHA quickly for you....

Lots to see, lots to do, stayed with really cool girls.

Heather won a Slice on Day 1 f the show, Erin won a Slice on Day 2 of the show, I won a Slice on Day 3 of the show, thanks to the help of Emily and Heather "Here's Technique Tuesday" more about this later, Vivian won a Slice an hour later, and Mary Kay won a Slice 2 minutes after Vivian, thanks to my screaming, she can no longer complain about how vocal I am. Then Day 4 ... Emily wins a Slice! After some thought we realize Em was with each and every one of us who has won and that she is the talisman! This was pretty amazing considering she worked the October Afternoon booth half days, everyday! Thanks Emily for hanging with me when I was in my hour of desperation!

Okay the show was great and I loved hanging out with Mary Kay and the girls at night. Janna was super cool and Erin was just as nice a person as you could ever want to meet. The Two Peas party was so-so, but they gave out prizes - I am always up for free goodies. The Hilton was nice but the breakfast was super costly. Mary Kay had her first experience ordering a Starbucks for me .... Triple Venti, Non Fat, No Whip, Mocha, On Ice, say it with me now.....! We were mistaken for drunken CHA revelers and asked to sing kareoke with a woman I am sure was mentally disabled. The truth is we weren't drinking, we were just having a good time! It's nice to know friends that you can be really silly with and then serious with in the next minute.

Vivian introduced me to In and Out burgers, yummmmmm! Heather made me laugh like no other on the way to the airport. I was chased by a security guard because my winnings weighed down my suitcase. I spoke with a woman in the airport who confessed to me that she has mice in her scrapbook store, ewwww. I sat next to a woman who was married to a higher up at one of the big scrap companies, but I can guarantee you she doesn't scrap. Then it was over, I was home, back in my car (I love my car, it's my second home) and back in the land of reality TV and Wahoos to go. Back in my bed. It is so amazing how good your own bed can feel.

So that is my silly little recap, I should probably go back and proof it, but I need to go to work. Hope you all have a great day!