Friday, January 18, 2008

Taste Testing

For the past week I have been reading this great blog from a woman who calls herself The Pioneer Woman, not only does she take great photos and write with finesse, she also has a blog about her cooking. You can find both here (follow the links to The Pioneer Woman Cooks). Anyway our family has been testing out her down home recipes this week and we have to say they are really good! The Chicken Spaghetti and Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich are awesome! It's been a challenge to prep as much as I can ahead of time before work so the we don't have to eat at 8pm (no offense to those who do, we are just a 5:30/6pm kinda family) but it has been worth it! To any meat eaters reading my blog you have to try the sandwich it is a true family pleaser, Coley even asked if he could take the leftovers for lunch!
Another trick that I remembered this week is from my Gram, she was a great cook and a really wonderful woman! Gram used to make a big salad once a week in her pretty glass salad bowl and then wrap it in a grocery bag and stick it in the fridge, she and Bampa used to eat that salad with their dinners all week. I have been doing something similar only my glass salad bowl was broken several year ago, Gram had given it to me and I cried and cried when it was broken (it wasn't hers, that is still in Maine, don't worry), anyway I am using this great Tupperware salad spinner/storage bowl. It is great I can make a huge salad and it stays crisp and wonderful all week! Writing this has reminded me that I haven't been putting any radishes in my salad like Gram did, I love radishes I will have to go and get some!
This leads me to my last thought for the morning. I always wanted to be like my Gram making a home for my family, filling their tummies with great food, having my beds neatly made everyday (I always do this and C has been making his bed since he was 3) and always learning. That is something that my Gram always did, she worked different places during different stages of her life, God always blessed her with a job that allowed for her to still be a Mom and I feel so amazingly blessed that He has done the same for me. I know that Gram always continued to Grow and I want to do the same. I miss both of my grandparents so very much, but they instilled so many wonderful values into me, that I feel they are still with me everyday.
God Bless,

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