Monday, January 7, 2008

Lo Mein?

Dogs do the funniest things. Our dogs are usually really good and don't beg too obnoxiously, okay Belle is really pushy when it comes to her food but not ours, and they aren't really overindulged (in the way of people food). Yet for Edgar all this changes when we bring home a little Chinese take-out! Eddie will do just about anything when it comes to Lo Mein. I speculate that he must have previously lived (in the five months before he came to his forever home) with a Chinese family in a Chinese restaurant and because they were struggling to make it they fed him leftover Lo Mein. I don't know if I really buy this. I wonder if all Dachshunds have a thing for Asian cuisine. My last Dachsie loved teriyaki and would risk mussing her beautifully groomed feet (she had a fetish) by going through the garbage for the last few drops left in the take-out container. I personally think that Dachshunds have a more refined palette than the average canine and thus appreciate fine Asian cuisine!

Belle however is a dogs dog. She loves all things meat related and isn't too interested in the Lo Mein unless Edgar is getting some and then she wants her rightful share. Belle does other strange things such as mouthing apple or carrot slices that fall on the floor until she has tasted them thoroughly and then she abandons their lifeless husks on the rug. This reminds me that Bella D only eats on carpet, why I don't know, but she takes all food downstairs to the family room to enjoy it, including the occasional ice cube which then leaves a cold puddle in the rug. Belle does have an after dinner routine, she stands next to C's chair and carefully cleans the edge of the table with her tongue, isn't that nice of her to clean up :)

I am sure your dogs do silly things, let me know about it in the comments section!
Happy New Year!

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