Monday, April 27, 2009


This month on Studio Calico we are using childhood pictures for our avatars, this is the one I used and I sat here thinking about what I remember from when this was taken...
I don't remember that much from this time in my life, I remember moving around this age, I remember that I didn't like it, not surprising that I still don't like change.
I do recall that I loved to feed the birds in my socks, seriously I refused to do it in shoes or bare feet and I still love to wander about in my "stocking feet", as Gram called them, to this day.
I remember how much I loved hearing my Mom, Grandma, or Grandpa read me a story, I can still remember the distinct cadence of each voice.
I remember having a hoodie that I loved and going to McDonald's outdoor playground with my friend Betsy, we always wore our shiny pink satin jackets. My Mom and I used to split a big breakfast at McDonalds on Saturday mornings. We still got McDonalds on the way to school sometimes when I was in jr. high, I always loved those times with her.
I remember that I loved to sleep with my stuffed animals surrounding me under the covers.
I can still remember waiting for the phone to ring every Sunday morning, it was my Gram and Grampa, we carried on this tradtion until the day my Gram passed away... one of my favorite memories is the Sunday after I had Coleman, he was born on a Friday evening, we were in the NICU and I was holding him and Gram called my room at the hospital, the nurses were such angels and they forwarded the call to me and I was able to sit and talk with her while I held her only great-grandchild, this was so special because I am her only grandchild and we were so connected. I am truly blessed to have had them in my life, I miss my Gram and Gramp so very much that it physically hurts my heart. Now I am crying, not sad tears, just bittersweet tears. That's not all I remember but for now it's all I want to remember.