Friday, March 6, 2009

Letter to American Crafts

Dear American Crafts,

Today I had a hot furry mess in my scraproom. Your Velvet Thickers shed all over my desk, floor, layouts, and cute outfit. I went through multiple sticky lint pages to clean up the fuzzy little bits. However it still appears as though a cat was shaved in my general vicinity. Mental suffering was incurred as I wrestled with the idea of throwing away these precious gems, in the end I sacrificed more pages of my beloved sticky lint roller. I feel that these should come with a large yellow warning label that reads... "DO NOT OPEN THESE BITS OF VOLATILE FUZZ NEAR ANYTHING YOU REMOTELY CARE ABOUT. BE ADVISED THAT WHITE OR LIGHT COLORED CLOTHING SHOULD NOT BE WARN AROUND THE BLACK TIE VERSION OF THIS PRODUCT. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY GRAB YOUR NEAREST STICKY LINT ROLLER." You do not have to credit me on the label.

Thank you,

Dearest friends, if you own these Thickers, please save yourself endless amounts of anguish by heading to your local Target dollar spot and picking up a sticky lint roller. They are also great for dusting lampshades and fabric covered albums.