Friday, September 21, 2007

Traveling Companions on the Road of Life

I believe that God has people flow in and out of our lives.

The ones who will always stick around are the ones that He has chosen for us, these people are a huge blessing in my life, they are the cream that rises to the top, I always find that these are the people that you can lose touch with for months at a time (or even years) but as soon as you connect again you feel as though no time has passed.

Then I feel that there are people that you, yourself, choose to be in your life and so many times I have found that these are only seasonal friends, sometimes I learn from them about life and sometimes I learn about myself.

As life has gone on I feel I want to "build up" the friendships that I have with my God given friends and try to lessen the time I spend with seasonal friends. I am sure that God truly has a plan for these relationships, usually faults in my personality or way of thinking are revealed, but most of the time I find myself wishing that I spent more time nurturing my other relationships.

When I look at my life, especially after some quiet time with God, I can clearly see the difference between these two sets of people. Do you know who God has brought into your life? Give some of those people a call today.

Have a great weekend,

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  1. You are so insightful and this message, along with your counseling, has touched my heart. Loves from two doors down, b.


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