Monday, September 24, 2007

Country Roads Take Me Home or At Least To A Gas Station!

So it began as an innocent trip to Ft. Collins, Breah and I were going to do a little shopping and pick up Coleman.

With sunglasses on and iPod playing we sped up I25, with only some very minor instructions muttered under my breath to the very slow people in front of us, you know what I am talking about, the drivers on the road who act like it is their first time every merging off an on ramp! Merge people, it isn't going to kill you as long as you step on the gas, the slower you go the more likely an accident will occur!

So anyway there we were, enjoying some great girl time when the little orange gas light begins to glow, 'What?' I think, I had a quarter of a tank in Denver. Well, there was that one stop at the Drive Thru Starbucks, but that was a quick, I mean do you really want uncaffinated drivers on the highway? We are traveling at high speeds, you need someone with a quick reaction time and Starbucks Venti Peppermint Mochas on ice are just the fuel you need!

Anyway, we took a promising looking little exit, there was a Super WalMart on the left side and we thought, "Where there is a WalMart, there is going to be gas." after all we are both from Florida and in FL if you have a town of ten people you have a gas station and a flamingo pink Super WalMart. Well, there was no gas, there were several other sub shops, etc. but no gas. We decided to continue to drive West toward civilization and assumed fuel stations, there were plenty of houses, where did these people buy gas?

As we continued our journey I apologized at every traffic light we hit. "No, don't apologize, I have always wondered where Brighton is." Breah would say. What a trooper, not a complaint out of her. The whole journey through Brighton I am thinking, she now knows what a complete idiot I am, I should have filled up with gas back home, but I was so excited to have a girls day that I forgot.
We finally found gas with just 3 miles left to go on the dash.

The rest of the trip passed in the usual way, we picked up C, we shopped, we had Walrus Ice Cream, we came home. As we related our story to her husband, he pipes up and says "See, this is why I never drive with you." to which I respond "I am a great driver." Cory gets this strange look on his face and says "We thought you were going to kill us on the way back from the airport in Boston." I furrow my brows and point out "We were in Boston, everyone drives like that." Cory begins to grin, in a malicious sort of way, and says "Ya, but you are the only one who drives like that here!"

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