Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Choices, New Blog

Yeah, yeah, I know this blog title is really close to my old one but I have had so much trouble connecting it with my new accounts that I decided to take that as a sign that I should start over... clean slate and all that. 

Speaking of clean slates.. this is a whole new year!!! I am truly excited about this.  I'm not sure why it is making me so giddy, I have never felt this way about a new year before but this time around seems different, special in a way.  It may be that I'm older, it may be that I don't care any more what others think, it may be because the whole year is just wide open... there is no specific date that I am waiting for like last year and the arrival of my sweet Little Bean... so the year seems like a beautiful blank canvas stretching out before me!

Each new year, for many years now, I have chosen a word for my year... the One Little Word concept that is so popular with creative types like myself... for the past few weeks I have been mulling over what my word was going to be this year.  I just couldn't settle on one that encompassed all I want to accomplish/ hold myself accountable to do, then I was inspired by my friend Arleigh (who is always inspiring me or teaching me new things, I am really very fortunate to count her as one of my dearest friends).  Arleigh does not set goals for the whole year, she sets goals for each month.  This got me to thinking and I decided that I wanted to pick a word for each month.  I would choose it before the month began and write down what exactly that meant word was to encompass for the month.  I have even chosen my first few words!  Then yesterday morning it dawned on me that my word to encompass my whole year was Choose... for me this means the following:

I will choose what I want for myself.  This means that no one else's bad mood, anger, or rudeness is going to dictate what I do or how I approach my day.  I will choose not to live to please others but live to make my life the best it can be... even if that means pissing people off sometimes.

I will choose how I want to approach each new situation.  This means that if I feel afraid I will remind myself that I get the choice of how this effects me and that I will not let the fear stop me from making the right choice for me.

I will choose how I respond to others.  This means that I will not sheepishly sit by and give others the power to dictate my mood with their mood... I will say what I feel and I will own who I am.  I will respond to others with honesty and choose kindness, fairness, and empathy and compassion if I want to... If the situation dictates that I want to choose anger, blunt honesty and brute force then I will do that to!  No matter what I will own my response.

Basically, I will choose to live consciously and take full accountability for all outcomes from my choices!

Okay, so that is my OLW... my MOWL for January is going to be Care.  This means that I will take care of things that I tend to neglect the most... number one being myself and number two being my home. 

In regards to self care I will choose to take the time to care for my insides with healthy nutritious meals and proper hydration, regular self massage to promote better healing for my abdomen, and allow myself to rest when my body cries out for it.  I will choose to take care of my external self with regular exercise, grooming and beautification (I do love to do my makeup and really any style goes with my SAHM yoga pants).  I will choose take care of my mental and emotional self by allowing myself to feel, write, release, and create.

When it comes to caring for my home I am going to establish a regular weekly cleaning routine and try choose to stick to it.  Try really hard Choose to not just write it down and feel good about it for a week before I realize that I haven't done most of it... but try choose to follow it daily by making myself accountable here on the blog by posting it for all the world to see and then blogging about how I am choosing to do it and any new tips or tricks I have discovered... I already have a few homemade things to share in this regard.

Okay, that's it for now... I am choosing to go do what I said I would do! I will leave you with my new favorite quote from the infinitely wise Todd Chrisley (totally my new favorite show) "Stand up and speak your mind. If you piss the world off, they will get over it. At least they will know where you stand."