Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cooking Crush

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I'll admit it, I have a HUGE crush on Jamie Oliver's food!  It's basic, simple, beautiful!

I made this lovely roasted chicken to rave reviews from Coleman, the self-proclaimed hater of all things chicken, unless of course it's fried in some way.  He gobbled this down!  The leftover potatoes and bacon bits would make a delicious frittata the next morning... that is if you have any leftovers :) 

Now when you read this recipe it seems a tiny bit odd, boiling a lemon, tossing the potatoes about in the hot pan after you drain them and then stabbing said boiling hot lemon but TRUST ME it will all make sense in the end and you'll be really glad you did the whole potato bit because the "chuffing up" make all the difference!

Side note: I tried to print the recipe from his website but it came out black with tiny grey lettering so I ended up having to copy and paste into a Word document, but this recipe is worth it, I know I'll be making it again over and over!

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